The chosen theme for this summit edition is Connecting Communities. We aim to reach across communities and sectors, connecting experts, innovators, and urban leaders from around the world. At Ecocity World Summit 2023, we will explore how collaboration, participation, democratisation of design and transdisciplinary approaches can create better cities and communities. A theme explored through the following topic areas:

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Regenerative Design
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New Lifestyles
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Healthy Ecosystems

15-Minute City

Tuesday 6 June 11.00 - 12.00, Main Hall
In partnership with The Obel Award

Carlos Moreno, Scientific Director of the Chair ''Entrepreneurship Territory Innovation'', Sorbonne University-IAE Paris

Martha Thorne, Senior Advisor, The Obel Award and Distinguished Professor at IE School of Architecture & Design (Moderator

A panel session examining the 15-minute city, a controversial concept to create cities where people have access to key amenities by travelling no more than 15 minutes on foot or by bike. Originally unveiled in 2016, the concept offers a radical departure to the current direction of modern urbanism, reducing the radius in which amenities and activities are situated and take place, making our cities more local, more accessible and more liveable. Despite its positive impact to reduce carbon emissions, the possibility of implementing this framework in the UK has generated a lively debate among government and citizens on the consequences for personal freedom and economic results.

What is the future of the countryside?

Wednesday 7 June 11.00 - 12.00, Cinema 1

Samir Bantal, Architect and Director, AMO

Marina Otero Verzier, Head of the Social Design Masters at Design Academy Eindhoven

This session explores the radical changes in the rural, remote, and wild territories collectively identified as “countryside,” which represents the 98% of the Earth’s surface not occupied by cities. While most of the attention is often placed on cities, the countryside is being drastically transformed by the impact of large-scale planning by political forces, climate change, migration, labour automation and technological demands for data storage infrastructure.

The Value of Green Cities

Wednesday 7 June 09.30 - 10.30, Main Hall

Delton Chen, Founder, Global Carbon Reward

How can we assess the impact and financial value of implementing green initiatives in cities? Low carbon, green cities consume less energy and water, have fewer private vehicles on the road, and generate less waste. Not only does this save local governments money, residents benefit from shorter commute times, cleaner air, less traffic congestion, and a better quality of life. A session introducing novel platforms and system-changing policy for funding climate mitigation and building green cities more competitive in the global marketplace..

Garbage Matters

Wednesday 7 June 12.30 - 13.30, Cinema 1

In partnership with The Earthshot Prize

Anna Scavuzzo, Vice Mayor of Milan and Lead for Food Policy Milano

Rodrigo García González, Co-founder and Co-CEO, Notpla

The amount of waste produced by urban communities continues to rapidly increase. The world we have built is not like this; we throw everything away, and this is harming our planet. But we have the power to build something better. In this session we will explore the work that public and private organisations are developing towards reducing waste in our cities, inspiring a new generation of people, companies, and industries to reuse, repurpose, and recycle. A session aiming to inspire cities to build a future without waste where people can live safe, healthy and happy lives.


Wednesday 7 June. 09.30 – 10.30, Cinema 1

A panel discussion exploring innovative retrofit case studies that show a more optimistic and positive for the future of the construction industry and the built environment towards achieving net-zero carbon targets by 2050. An opportunity to discuss about the taxation, policy and procurement challenges that retrofit projects face, and the opportunities these schemes can present for clients, developers and users.

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